FHACI’s Mission

Assisting Haitian families in taking care of their children with cancer by providing the necessary support for this battle for life.

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Welcome to FHACI

The Haitian Foundation Against Childhood Cancer (FHACI) is an entity formed by doctors and other professionals from various backgrounds. It has been in existence since October 2014, officially authorized to operate since 2017. FHACI is committed to bringing a ray of hope to young cancer patients in Haiti, with the following objectives:

  1. a) Strengthen the quantitative and qualitative capacities of care provided to children with cancer.
  2. b) Raise public awareness for early cancer detection.
  3. c) Promote the possibilities of support and integration of the foundation at the local, regional, and international levels.

FHACI also advocates for education. In addition to fundraising activities to support the care of cancer-stricken children treated by partner institutions, the work also focuses on raising awareness, informing people about childhood cancer, and providing resources to learn more about its signs and symptoms, with early detection being the best means of survival. FHACI has three categories of members (active, adherent, and honorary), as well as contributors, through whom it provides significant support to the Oncology Unit of St. Damien Hospital, the country’s only pediatric oncology section at present, providing curative and palliative care to cancer-stricken children from all departments of the country.

Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors of FHACI

  • Listening and serving others, especially the small cancer patients of Haiti and their families.
  • Listening, showing empathy and compassion.
  • Adopting a teamwork approach.
  • Solving problems, admitting mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward.
  • Setting high standards and delivering quality results.
  • Integrity / Mutual trust.
  • Emphasizing transparency in all actions and behaviors (open doors, open books).
  • Continuously learning in areas that can help FHACI (Marketing/Fundraising/Public Relations/Relations with International Donors) and evolving.

FHACI regional and local alliances:

(509) 2219-5555

FHACI is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with EIN 85-0989658

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